Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Last August, I read Larissa Dubecki's review of Fugazza in the Melbourne Magazine.. I'd never (not even in Italy) seen foccacia look so good, and was super intrigued to read that the Italian sandwich that somehow lost its authentic identity back the nineties had managed to make such a classy return.

Many months later, that article remains pinned to my board at work (part in effort to remind me to leave my desk one lunchtime and get over the bridge to try it / part because I really love the composition of the accompanying image), and today I am pleased (and a little proud) to report that I FINALLY sunk my teeth into a pork capocollo foccacia at Fugazza.

Nothing - not one iota - was lost in the anticipation.

(Italy, eat your heart out!)

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  1. Looks delicious!